Classic Arcade Video Game Logos of the Late 80s and Through the 90’s

Reliving Childhood Memories!

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As you probably know, The Logo Creative is my baby its’s my passion, and i wake up every morning enthusiastic about what i’m going to do each and every single day.

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The best choice I have made, especially in these current times, was like it was supposed to happen.

Inspiration From Childhood Memories

I had a great childhood as a kid, my Mum & Dad worked really hard to provide for me and make sure i had all the latest stuff. I was always grateful for everything i had and understood when I could not have something due to hard times it would come at some point.

As a child i understood that if you wanted something you had to work hard for it and you needed the money in your hand to buy it.

My parents didn’t believe in credit and neither do I.

The lesson of working hard, earning, saving to get the things you want is the mindset i continue to follow today.

Which is a good mindset to have as i have never borrowed money, never been in debt, I have paid with cash for everything I own (unless i pay on my card as i know the money is there).

Childhood Memories - The Rise of Gaming

For those of you who don’t know i lost my Dad back in April of 2017 and I still cant believe it’s been 3 yrs since it happened as it still feels like yesterday.

I’m always thinking about my Dad and my childhood reliving moments and memories and a couple of weeks ago i was thinking of games i used to play.

My Mum and Dad used to own a shop when i was little and i used to visit trade shows with them to look at all the new toys and games, most often i would go with my Dad as my Mum would be looking after the shop.

I would get to play games that had not been released and then if i liked them my parents would pre-order stuff for birthdays and Christmas as surprises.

On Friday nights my Dad would take me to the local VideoBox where all the cool kids hung out as they had an Arcade, and we would play the arcades with kids in the store my dad would join is as well all the kids loved him.

Happy Days :)

This got me thinking about creating an article about popular video games from my childhood which was very late 80s through the 90s.

The article took awhile to finish but I had a lot of fun putting this article together and it brought back some great childhood memories.

>> You can check out the article here. <<

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