Freedom is Motivation!

Work Hard - Respect People - Team Work

Hi Everyone,

I have been self-employed for well over a decade working in tech and design and now mainly for The Logo Creative which is my baby, my passion project. I love it!

I have always been an entrepreneur from an early age and run a website for most of my professional career.

Even when i worked for someone full-time in IT whether it be in a school of private agency i was running my own business part-time, never satisfied with just being someone else’s employee even though i had high positions and people working under myself something was always missing!…Freedom! That one simple word has motivated me forever, and I knew i had to work very hard to be able to say I'm completely free to do what i love without having to answer to anyone but myself!

When i worked in a school my manager said to me “Your enthusiasm is scary!” i said to him “thanks” he said “I really like you but don’t take this the wrong way it was meant with good intentions but not a compliment, but keep doing what your doing”

I thought about this for a long time and basically he was saying to me you're good and hardworking but with time i could be in his position and that is something he did not want to happen as it was his position.

I got it, totally understood how he felt, I was younger, more passionate and driven to the moon i was fully confident in my abilities but respected everyone of my peers and senior workers.

I listened, learned and worked my arse off, and it paid off. I was promoted by the head teacher put in charge of around 15 other schools as a senior lead contact and project manager in charge of infrastructure, budgets and a team of technical staff.

To this day i’m very good friends with my former boss from the school i used to work not only has he been a mentor, he’s also works for me from time to time, but most importantly he’s a good friend.

He lives very close to me. We go to each other's houses, out for drinks, our kids play together, we have been there for each other when we both lost our Dad’s.

He’s one of my biggest admirers, and i admire him and to be able to say that is amazing! i am truly honored to have done the things i have done in the past, and i am truly honored to be doing what i’m doing today… i worked hard for it! and there is nothing wrong with being confident about your abilities and how hard you work its how you do it!

Looking back that could have gone in completely the opposite direction, not because of something I could have done wrong but for everything I was doing right.

The world is a mean and nasty place at times and some people will do anything to ruin it for those people who are hard workers.

I was lucky i had good people around me who knew not only that i was a hard worker but with that i had respect for those people above me, and i was not there to take anybody’s job, i was there to learn and be a team player and i was rewarded for that.

When asked if i should get a pay rise i said

“I feel like I work hard enough for it but it all depends on the school budget and how we have performed as a team on what we have been able to secure from a unit effort”.

I received the pay rise and was informed that i gave a good answer as i was thinking of being a team player and the overall team effort rather than an individual effort, and my hard work within the team had allowed the school a larger budget moving forward.

My point is to work hard, aim high but have respect while doing it! It’s not all about you but the bigger picture.

People fear other people’s potential and that a natural thing that will always be there you have to prove who you are and gain their trust and respect to move on in life.

I am very grateful for my time working in schools that taught me a lot. I worked very hard for it but the bigger picture is now and what i do with the freedom i have!

Be motivated by the freedom you can have!

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