The Midweek Mix (Issue .01)

New Designer Interview - New Book - More Insights!

I’m So Glad You're Here! - Thanks for sticking with me!

It’s been another busy week that’s been jam packed with everything i can think of.

I thought i would try something new for this week’s newsletter.

Welcome to The Midweek Mix!

In this type of newsletter I plan to share a mixture of things that have happened or are currently happening in that specific week.

Which is quite fitting for this post as it’s been a busy week jam packed with all sorts of things.

I will continue to write theme based posts, and from time to time add in a Midweek Mix post.

I sit here writing this article suffering from some serious mental tiredness, and i’m saying to myself get some rest as i don’t want it to get any worse (like i have in the past!) I have new projects starting, and content to work on.

But as you know me I love what i do so much i can’t switch off, and i need to be doing something towards my business all the time. It looks after me and my family, and i look after it.

I always say:

“if you have nothing to do, you're not working hard enough!", there should always be something to do.”

Now i’m not saying run yourself to the ground been there, done that, did not like it one bit!… no not at all! what i’m saying is there should always be something you can work on either to add or improve.

“You should not work for your business, you should work on it daily!”

You also need to work smartly and strategically on everything you do so as to not get flustered and lost in your work and tasks.

I regularly do the work of several people because I plan and action the stages of what im doing making sure i’m taking regular breaks in-between my tasks and processing everything i do so i have a clear, and structured plan of attack.

*Tip - You can read how i do it here

Last week there was a lot of work stuff added on to my existing load, and also family stuff too as they come first and business comes second!.

This all contributed to my mental tiredness which has slowed me down a little, not a bad thing if i keep it under control but it’s going to happen from time to time and sometimes you can’t control it until you can feel it.

It just rocks you a little and we need the sea to be calm to carry on sailing smoothly.

I’m going to drop the anchor, have a rest on Sunday to recharge my battery ready for next week.

Now let’s take a look at some good stuff happening on The Logo Creative ⬇

Designer Interview With Jeremy Miller

Today we released the interview I did quite a while ago with good friend Jeremy Miller.

He is the author of Brand New Name and it’s currently one of the best books I have read, and I highly recommend it!.

I could not put it down, it was that good!.

He also wrote Sticky Branding which i have not finished reading yet.

I have to read so many books at once, it’s quite challenging believe me! I wish i could read like Johnny 5 but it takes me slightly longer i’m afraid!

I get quite a few messages from people asking when the next book review is going to be published and i want to say right now it’s done here you go enjoy!

But the truth is its very time consuming not only do I have to find time to fully read the book after reading it I then need to write the review, take pictures and edit, and do the video version which includes both audio and video which i do separately.

It takes so much time to compile and when you have the amount of books I have it’s quite overwhelming, but i love it!

Trust me, I will review every single book i own and the new ones I get, It just takes time, a lot of it but they're coming!

Go make yourself a brew and enjoy the Designer Interview With Jeremy Miller

Read The Interview

The Brand Therapy Book by Fabian Geyrhalter

I was super excited when Fabian Geyrhalter contacted me back in April about the release of his new book called The Brand Therapy Book and said he was going to send me a signed copy.

The book looks amazing, in fact it reminds me of Michael Johnson’s Now try something weirder.

But a smaller, pocket-sized book that is brand strategy focused. It’s full of bite-sized insights, daily affirmations, and useful reminders for brand and business leaders as they use this time to reflect on the brands they shape.

You may be aware of the #brandtherapythursday posts on Fabian’s instagram account, and the book is a curated selection of those insights.

I will be doing a full review of this little gem, but for now checkout the first look video below.

Also if your not familiar with Fabian’s other books How to Launch a Brand and Bigger Than This i would highly recommend reading them.

Free Resources

In this edition I have a handy online tool i’ve used in the past for creating a slideshow GIF image you can use to present your logos in a social media post etc.

Here’s one i created to demonstrate, and it literally only took a few minutes.

EZGIF.COM does far more than this, but to create something similar, follow the steps below.

  1. Select GIF Maker.

  2. Upload all your files by choosing the files button.

  3. Click the blue button “Upload and Make a GIF!”

  4. Set your desired delay time. I left it at 20 as the default.

  5. Tick “crossfade delay” I left fader delay as 6 and frame count 10 as default.

  6. Click and optimise the image if necessary and download. (I optimised the above quite a lot to save space embedding it here! so you can get better quality!)

Coming Soon - Community Threads!

As i have mentioned in previous newsletters, I am going to start up some threads when we have more subscribers here.

Since i last mentioned it the subscribers are growing and thanks to some of you who sent me private messages with ideas for threads.

I would really like it if you could comment on the actual post so everyone can see and join in that’s why i’m using this platform to share value and engage.

Please don’t be shy, let’s build a good group of people here. Then we can have good discussions about certain topics and learn from them.

What threads would you like to see? - Please leave a comment!

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As i always say - “Stay curious & enthusiastic, and good things will happen!”

Thanks for reading. :)

P.S - I purchased this bundle from DesignCuts, and it has some great fonts in it, well worth it! I’m already customising one of the fonts for a client project I'm working on.